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Home Inspection Services

The importance and benefits of professional home inspection services and commercial property inspections require little explanation. Whether you’re a prospective buyer, seller, or simply because you’re a proactive homeowner, Voob Construction delivers. We take the time to conduct a thorough inspection, followed with an easy-to-understand, comprehensive report. We understand that there are many options in this field, but we strive to stand out from our competition. We focus on providing our clients with an excellent return on their investment – in a timely fashion. We also specialize in providing our clients with recommendations and concerns relating to efficiency, and provide inspection services accordingly.

Home Inspection Services | Building Inspections | Surrey, BC
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Commercial Inspections

The concerns relating to commercial properties and equipment can be drastically different from those relating to residential properties. We are aware of the list of common concerns, but also of industry specific concerns, and are therefore able to perform inspections, and produce reports that meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Infrared Thermal Inspections

Voob Construction possesses the latest equipment and training in infrared thermal imaging. This is a highly specialized field, and we have realized and harnessed the potential of this technology. Let us put it to work for you, so that we can identify structural and energy efficiency concerns that cannot otherwise be seen.


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