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Millwork Services

Add class and value to your home or commercial property by having Voob Construction build and install counters, cabinets, fireplaces, shelves of all types, and more as part of our millwork and fine carpentry services. We design, build, and install the afforementioned and more, in any dimensions or style you envision. We are set up to perform our millwork and fine carpentry either on-site or at our shop, or a combination of the two. Get the perfect fit, and something designed to last from a company you trust – Voob Construction.

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Custom-Fit Furniture

We have the expertise, tools, and space to produce long-lasting custom furniture designed to fit your space, both in dimension and style. Cast aside the wasteful fad of cheap furniture, for a lasting tradition of furniture designed to be passed down through generations. We have designed and built entire pieces, as well as uniquely stylish elements, as per our customers’ requests. Have a particular need or dream? We’d love to help.

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